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Hours specified in the Short Term License Agreement (STLA) are the only hours Licensee and their staff, vendors, performers, volunteers and guests may access The Green Room or its support spaces. SFWMPAC staff must be present at all times. Events must end at 11:30 pm, unless prior approval is granted by SFWMPAC.


Licensee is responsible for all set-up and break down in The Green Room, and for proper movement and storage of all equipment. Should equipment be moved while an event is in progress, clear guests from the area where the work occurs. Chairs should be left in The Green Room and restacked in racks of eight. The Green Room must be left clean and clear of equipment or additional cleaning fees will apply. Cleaning supplies beyond a mop and broom are not provided.


Only licensed and insured caterers may provide food and beverage service in The Green Room. Caterers must have a manager on site at all times.

  • Consumption of food and beverage is permitted only in The Green Room and on its loggia.
  • Sale of food or beverages is permitted only with prior SFWMPAC approval and requires appropriate licenses.
  • Food and beverage service areas must be matted. Ice must be delivered and moved in plastic tubs.
  • Only ice and liquids may be disposed of in sinks (no coffee grounds or foodstuffs). Do not dispose of ice in restroom sinks, toilets or on the lawn.
  • Should leaking or spills occur, clean them immediately.
  • Licensees and their caterers are responsible for removal of all ice and garbage from The Green Room following the event.

There is no admission of persons in excess of the capacity approved at time of booking.


Special care should be taken to preserve and protect floors, walls, elevators and equipment. Use carts and dollies with rubber wheels to prevent scratching floors. Avoid dragging or rolling metal items, and items with metal edges, bases or glides. There is no use of tape, staples, tacks or nails to affix materials.


All equipment and supplies must be removed promptly following the event. Storage is not available.


Bottled gas is not permitted. Use of candles, open flame, sterno and electrical equipment must be approved in advance, and candleholders must meet specifications of the San Francisco Fire Code (i.e. candleholders extend 2” above the flame).


Bottled gas in any form, “fog” or “smoke” producing equipment, balloons, birdseed or rice for throwing, keg beer, confetti, glitter or loose flower petals.


Use of a modern catering kitchen is included in the rental. The kitchen must be left clean and clear of equipment or additional fees will apply. Provision of cleaning supplies is the responsibility of the caterer or licensee.


Because we are a multi-use venue, we cannot permit bands with amplification. Doors to The Green Room must remain closed whenever music or entertainment is occurring in The Green Room or the Herbst Theatre. During Herbst Theatre performances, corridor noise should be kept to a minimum so as not to disrupt their audiences.


Use of display areas is a non-exclusive right and Licensee will not post or allow to be posted any signs, cards or posters on the premises, except as approved in advance.


Smoking is prohibited by law inside the Veterans Building. This includes no smoking on The Green Room loggia.


When load out is complete, Licensee or their designated representative will accompany the SFWMPAC Event Manager on an inspection of all areas used for the event. The Contingency Deposit may be withheld if:

  • Licensee does not complete room break down and restoration.
  • Event access hours exceed those specified in the STLA.
  • There has been damage to the facility or its equipment.
  • Additional funds are required for rent, personnel fees or equipment rentals.

SFWMPAC Security Staff is responsible for building security. Additional private security can be arranged as needed by SFWMPAC. The Veterans Building is open to the public and home to a wide variety of tenants. Specific event security needs should be presented at the time of booking.

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