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All events require SFWMPAC Event Managers. Additional staff is available, including coat checkers and security.  Use of projection, theatrical/decor lighting or professional AV equipment requires engagement of IATSE Local 16 stage labor. Access starting before 8:00 am or ending after midnight requires hiring a building engineer. To create a personnel estimate we will need your complete timeline, expected attendance and desired guest services.


A Certificate of Insurance with an Additional Insured Endorsement is required for all events and performances. Insurance must include Workers Compensation coverage, Public Liability coverage of $1 million, Property Damage coverage of $1 million and Host Liquor Liability when alcohol is served. Insurance is also available through SFWMPAC. Costs vary based on guest count, event type and length.


Equipment rental is a flat fee for use of chairs and tables. Sound and electrical equipment and stage equipment are not included in the flat rate fee. A separate itemized charge wil be applied. See Equipment for an inventory.


A refundable $300 contingency deposit is required for all events.


The expense deposit is a deposit paid to cover all estimated personnel, equipment and insurance, as well as any other costs that fall outside of the rent. It will be used to cover all expenses and any unused portion will be refunded at the time of settlement.


The average cost of an event is based on the rent combined with the expense deposit. While costs vary widely, nonprofit events have average expenses of $2,500 to $3,000. Weddings and Private Parties basic package price is $10,000


You are welcome to use any licensed caterer of your choice, provided they are properly licensed and insured, adhere to our Rules and Regulations, and conduct a site visit prior to the event. A list of approved vendors will be provided. Ask for more information if you intend to sell alcohol or provide as part of event attendance ticket price.

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