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Building Access
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Posting of Display Materials
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Protection & Care
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SFWMPAC staff must be present at all times Licensee and their staff, performers, volunteers and audience are in the building, including lobbies, stage areas and dressing rooms.


Lobby set ups require front-of-house staff to be present, and may begin no earlier than 90 minutes prior to performance or event start time, unless prior arrangements have been made.

  • Lobby set ups requiring more than two tables must be arranged in advance and may require additional rental fees.
  • The large marble-floored entrance lobby to the Veterans Building is a public space not included with Herbst Theatre rentals.
  • IATSE stagehands must handle all set ups that include lighting, audio/visual and décor.

Delivery and pick up of all items must be approved and scheduled in advance. Rental equipment and all other materials must be removed by Licensee immediately following their performance or event, unless otherwise prearranged.


Hours specified in the Short Term License Agreement are the only hours Licensee or their vendors may access the Herbst Theatre or its dressing rooms and support spaces.

  • Stage crew begins work at the start of your access hours. No work may be done prior to the start of your access hours, including set up or rehearsal.
  • IATSE stagehands must perform all work on stage. No “casual help” is permitted.

Bottled gas in any form, helium and mylar balloons, confetti or glitter. With exception of water, no food or drink is allowed in the Herbst Theatre auditorium or its carpeted lobby.


All material to be posted must be approved in advance. Licensee will not post, or allow to be posted, any signs, cards or posters that have not been approved.


While a printed program is not required, any printed program must include the emergency exit diagram and a list of the War Memorial Board of Trustees provided in Appendix D of your Short Term License Agreement.


Protection and care are required on floors and walls. Carts and dollies with rubber wheels should be used to prevent scratching floors. Avoid dragging or rolling metal items, or items with metal edges, bases or glides. There is no use of staples, tacks, or nails to affix material(s) to facility equipment.


The Veterans Building is a public space with multiple venues and offices. All space to be used must be approved in advance, and all building users are asked to respect each other’s presence and needs.

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