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Please note: A minimum of 6 weeks is required to plan, contract, staff, and execute your event in the Herbst Theatre. Shorter booking timeframes may not be possible.


Contact us to check availability of your desired date(s). Availability is limited, so be prepared with alternate dates and a clear sense of your event and its timeline. If your desired date(s) appear open and your performance or event is compatible with the venue, you may place a soft hold while we confirm availability.

If another party has a tentative hold on your desired date, you may challenge their hold by submitting a completed application and a check for the full rental fee. The challenged party will then have two working days to pay the rental fee or release the challenged date. Only one tentative hold can be challenged at a time. If your challenge is successful, the rental deposit is not refundable.


Once your date is confirmed, submit a completed application together with the $500 rental deposit.


We will issue a Short Term License Agreement (STLA). Next steps:

Sign and return the STLA.

  • Pay the balance of the Rent.
  • For ticketed events, execute a separate agreement with City Box Office.
  • For performances and events requiring catering services, execute a separate agreement with Global Gourmet Catering.

Prior to your performance or event:

  • Confirm the timeline, technical elements and needed equipment with our Stage Electrician.
  • Confirm desired audience services, food and beverage requirements, and any additional needs.

No less than two weeks prior to your event, furnish proof of insurance and pay your Performance Deposit, which is a deposit paid to cover the total estimated cost of labor and equipment. See Fees & Expenses for more information.


A settlement of rental fees and labor and equipment expenses will be completed following your performance or event. This process takes approximately two weeks.

For events and performances with box office receipts:

  • SFWMPAC completes a preliminary settlement and withholds all actual expenses from box office receipts.
  • The box office completes its settlement and transmits remaining receipts to Licensee.
  • SFWMPAC completes final settlement and refunds unused portion of the Performance Deposit.

For events and performances without box office receipts:

  • All expenses are deducted from Licensee’s Performance Deposit. SFWMPAC refunds any unused portion of the Performance Deposit.

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